Pine & Spruce

Pine sawn timber is the most common type of wood exported from Russia. Product quality directly depends on the characteristics of the locality. The highest physical and mechanical properties are possessed by the Angara pine, which grows in the lands of the northern strip. Due to the harsh Siberian climate, a slow growth of annual rings is ensured, an extremely small distance between the rings, and therefore a higher density. Such lumber is less prone to shrinkage, cracking, and is in great demand among buyers around the world.

Spruce lumber is not inferior to pine in terms of vast areas of use. Our customers use spruce sawn timber for furniture production, as well as construction and finishing works.

We offer a wide range of edged sawn timber of chamber drying and natural humidity, as well as planed products from Siberian pine and spruce, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Production of sizes to order is possible.

Main markets – China, the Middle East, the CIS, Korea, Japan