Siberian larch

The scope of lumber from Siberian larch is extremely vast, and its popularity is due to a number of undeniable advantages, among which there is a high density due to the characteristics and growth rates. In terms of strength, larch is only slightly inferior to oak, which makes it extremely competitive in terms of price, wood has an expressive texture, high fire resistance, and is completely immune to pest attacks, unlike other conifers.

Larch is increasingly used for exterior finishing works – terraces, loggias, facades. The material is practically not subject to rotting, mechanical damage, easy to install, environmentally friendly, which means it will serve its owners as long as they wish.

Our products are delivered from distant regions of Siberia – places where larch has the most valuable characteristics – the north of the Irkutsk region, Yakutia, Evenkia, Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The range of supplied edged sawn timber from Siberian larch is presented mainly in the lengths of 4 m, 5.1 m, 6 m of chamber drying (18-22%) or natural humidity. Deliveries are made by rail, road, sea. An assortment of sawn timber is constantly available on stock in Europe.

The main sales markets are Europe and China.

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